Day 9: Mullett

So before we left Ravenswood this morning I did a quick reconoiter to make sure I didn’t miss anything……well , found a complete unrestored Plymouth road runner worth about $80k U.S $ a 64 mustang coupe and Pontiac Parisienne lying around in long grass. What a place. On the way out of town we stopped at the cemetery , lots of kids graves. Oldest site 1830, newest 2021! The new gold exploration mining site was only about a kilometre from here and I took some photos of the open cut mess they have been making. Couldn’t get too close ctv, high fences etc.

Booked into the caravan park, went into town and did the tourist information self guided walk. Got some groceries and burn stuff as hand is now weeping, Angela said just harden up, washed the car as it was covered mud and dust, fuelled up went home. Had a few drinks with other nomads around the camp fire. One couple had just done the lap and we’re on there way home. Angela enquired about WA including Broome and the guy said it was shit, don’t bother going there? I went to have a piss and on the way back, got intercepted by another nomad who contradicted nomads 1 ‘s comment and he said he was a dickhead. Hmm. We then went to Towers Hill which overlooked the town and also a great sunset viewing spot. Got an excellent spot, sat down for a glass of wine and we were then swarmed by midgees Angela went back to collect the rid……..empty……..”here’s the sunset” turned on phone, charge down to 3 %. great. We had wasted charge on some stinking wallabies. Returned to the van, watched the news, Angela commented that Cameron Smith must be some sort of athlete, nows he’s won the British open. I want my mullet to be like his, I might get the blond rats tails done in Mt isa.

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