Day 8: Skippy

So we got up early about 5.45 am to go down to the beach to see the kangaroos and wallabies feeding. To date the only ones we’ve seen have been squashed by semi trailers. Anyway there was a ranger who had placed some pellets for them on the beach for breakfast and he gave a talk about them. “No torches and no flash cameras” as they would be startled and bolt. Naturally all the morons stepped up and he repeated the message again. Only had to do it about 5 more times, very patient, I would have told them to fuck off. So the sun rose and I knew Angela would be trying to get the elusive money shot. We got some great “snaps”, went back to the van for breakfast , did a mangrove walk on the way out of Cape Hillsborough and drove to Kutabul and hit the highway. Stopped at Calen for the advertised strawberries but they hadn’t had any for ages because of some reason, covid, drought, floods, election….. Anyway there was an old store there which was just like the one at Silkwood  we came across many years ago it is a trip back into time. Angela was looking for new jiffy leather sandals in her size.  

Onto Proserpine, I had to send some very important documents back to Brisbane, brought new KTM 250 tpi and Angela need to purchase gloves for firewood collection & print up the cheat sheet instructions Peter Albion had sent her about how to organise the blog.  Now all we need is wifi.  We never seem to have any connection…. Thanks Telstra.  We haven’t even been in remote areas yet.

Onto Home Hill, turned left to Ravenswood. ‘Road not suitable for caravans and trucks’. 50 km of dirt with a very steep hill at the last 5 km mark. Another big red sign, no caravans. We kept going, I knew Angela had that knot in her guts again, very silent. No one else on this road and I flagged down another nomad travelling in other direction for some info on what was ahead of us.  He says ”gidday Liam what are you doing out here”  Turns out I had organised  Yamaha race plan for motocross bikes for his kid years ago. They said road was good just bit windy, steep and are you good at reversing?  Road turned out to be a piece of piss and we arrived at Ravenswood and started looking for somewhere interesting to camp. 

Well, the choice was a Showgrounds about 300 metres out of town or behind the old Railway Hotel in a junkyard paddock. ‘Heaven’.  There was old cars, tractors, motorbikes , and any other old shit a hoarder would collect. The town has changed dramatically,  from when we visited here 40 yrs ago it was a ghost town population 10 people, now it’s a reborn gold mining town and quite busy, sort of. The mining camp houses over 1000 miners well out of town and buses them through this historic ghost town.  

We did the self guided tour of the old township and had a few drinks at the Imperial Hotel and dinner with some other nomads at the Railway Hotel. What a great place.

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