Day 85 Is there a marine biologist around

We left Phil and Cols, we had a very pleasant break from the caravan and the driving and really appreciated staying with them and their family members. We headed north and first stop Bega cheese factory. Unfortunately , all tours were closed but we did stop and have a cheese platter and a self guided... Continue Reading →

Day 84. One of the 2 twin nephews arrives today. They are identical.

At tea the night before, Col and Phil were hanging onto my every word about Stella the tea lady. They were drooling and Col was rubbing her hands together. This morning when we heading off to our appointment they had pleaded with Angela to come as well. More the merrier. We arrived and as promised,... Continue Reading →

Day 82 Cryptic clue for 81 should be How hot does Angie look in Colleens mustard rain jacket This was the slave trader thing cryptic clue story which should have been this day

So the photos coming up could belong to day day 83 and some of them are 81. Some of the 81 photos are 82............clear Ive masked our stuff ups pretty well, I'm pretty sure no one noticed, but Angela and I are doing the story and photos ourselves now as our Apple guy (Peter) is... Continue Reading →

Day 81. Slave Trader dips out

Start of another day, weather a bit shit but we are used to it by now. Angelas brother who has retired 6 times now, 6 redundancies etc; couldn't have a day out with us because he's gone back to work! Its a little bit Johnny Farnhams last concert that everyone attended, then he kept doing... Continue Reading →

Day 80: The Lion roars

Packed up this morning and hooked up van. Today we were heading to the nsw coast to Tura beach where Angelas big brother and his wife Colleen had relocated to 7 months ago. They had moved from Canberra , he was the Air Force guy I spoke about in an earlier issue. Angela was very... Continue Reading →

Day 79: Gondolier

Next morning we set off for Thredbo, another ski field and it was losing its snow, melting. Spring was coming and only snow was accessible up high by Chairlift. We purchased some gondolier tickets and rode to Merrits for a look around. It was very busy, the new skiers had been moved up here due... Continue Reading →

Day 77: Atlantis under the sea

We left Tumut this morning and we're heading for Jindabyne until we encountered an illuminated road sign saying the Alpine road closed to heavy vehicles. Gulp, if we have to backtrack here we'll lose another day and use a stack of fuel. Angela was very agitated so we returned to the information centre for plan... Continue Reading →

Day 76: Murray cod

We slept in this morning but hit the road travelling east to Yarrawonga, Cobram, Rutherglen, Wodonga, Jindabyne ? or one of those places. All up to the navigator and how things would pan out. Angela was pretty sick by this stage and we were having trouble getting her antibiotic scrip filled. Chemists not opened, or... Continue Reading →

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