Day 10: Grumpy old men

So, up early and on our way to the Venus gold battery tour. This was basically a facility that crushed miners ore for the separation of gold .The miners then sold the retrieved gold to the bank across the road and then paid the mill for the crushing of the ore based on weight. The money left was for there living. We learned that from the video, not our guide who was like a walking dead man and couldn’t have been more disinterested in running the tour. Hands in his pockets the whole time, probably playing with his nuts.No real chance to ask questions, Nevertheless we enjoyed the morning, went back to town and went through the Zara Clarke museum. We were there for about an hour and were entertained by the aged volunteers who run the museum. Found another museum but the old guy said he need a minimum 4 to do the tour or it was a waste of his time. He said he really only liked taking young people through because the old people have already seen it before -Asshole . After that I found a second hand shop that had about everything, but no stationery steam engines.

Back to the van for the afternoon, Angela did the washing. In the park, the nomads all thrive on new arrivals and can’t wait to see newbys trying to reverse their vans into their sites. Fortunately I have got the hang of it so we were not subject to any potential silent ridicule. Later we went back up to the hill for the sunset. Set up the smart tv (Angela got rid of the dumb one) with Telstra blu tooth thing and we finally got some stations, iview Netflix and u tube. Then set up the satellite tv thing that hones in on a satellite so we have access to all the stations in Australia wherever we are. All very worthwhile, Angela asleep in 10 minutes and I had a scotch or 2.

Angela worked one of these machine in the National Bank in the 70’s

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  1. As Liz’s Dad always says..’450 TV channels and there’s still feck all to watch.’ Keep up the good work!


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